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Fantasy Color info page


Fantasy Hair has officially taken over the internet as the coolest hair trend.






















How do you add Fantasy color to  hair? Do you have to bleach it out first? 

The lighter the hair, the more true the color will be. The darker, the more subtle the color will be. To get PASTELS or SILVER the hair needs to be lightened to a level 10 i.e.  "White Blonde". I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. IF YOUR HAIR IS NOT ABLE TO GET LIGHTENED TO WHITE, IT WILL NOT GO SILVER or Pastel, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you have to bleach your hair? 

YES YES YES YES YES YES! When you dye* your hair you can only add colour. If your hair is dark and you dye over it with a lighter colour like pastel pink it’s not going to do much to your dark hair, so to get a nice pastel shade your hair needs to be as light as the colour you want to achieve.(* Lightening your hair is a form of bleaching. This relates only to dyeing your hair.)As well as the light/dark issue you also need to consider the colour of your hair and how it will contribute to the finished shade. If your hair still has a lot of yellow tones after bleaching you’ll find that it impacts on your colour. That gorgeous baby pink colour you were aiming for will become a pale orange when it interacts with the gold tones in your hair. So I think you get the point. You need to lighten your hair to pretty much a platinum blonde colour. If you’re not naturally white blonde this will mean some kind of bleach.





1.How should I prepare?

Don’t shampoo that day. I always encourage my clients to avoid shampooing their hair the same day they’re getting it bleached and toned. A common misconception is that if the hair is dirty the bleach may not cut through. That’s not true at at all. In fact, I typically encourage my girls to not wash two days before they come in for bleach. Natural oils help coat the scalp and make it less painful in my, and my client’s, opinions. When you shampoo the hair the same day, you’ve stimulated the scalp and bleaching after that can be quite painful. So dirty hair is good! Avoid excessive brushing on the day of as well! 



2.Don’t be cheap!  

Go to someone who uses high quality products. Like bond rebuilders, such as pH Bonder or Olaplex.  It’s worth every penny. I use it on so many people and it’s such a game changer for a bleach. You’ll pay more for the color but your hair feels soooo much better!​​


3.Have realistic expectations.  

If you’ve never bleached before, it may not happen the first time around.  WHITE hair happens when you’ve literally emptied the hair of pigment so getting to that point can take a few visits, and every visit has a price, end of story. If your colorist gets you there on the first try, count your lucky stars! But if it doesn’t, have patience. Sometimes it just takes a few times! 


4.Depending -

 on your natural lightness, darkness and previous colors in the hair, we'll do a stand test with bleach first to see how much the hair will lighten and the condition it leaves the hair in. Depending on the outcome of the stand test it may be determined that the hair might not be suitable for FANTASY HAIR at all. 


5.Stock up on platinum stuff!  

You’re definitely going to want some purple-based toning supplies for home use. Purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel so when you’re trying to cancel out unwanted brassiness and yellow tones, you’ll need things that have purple pigment in them.


6.Don’t wait 2 months to get retouched.  

Okay, I understand if you like the look with roots. Very cool-girl for sure. However, if you wait too long in between visits, it can be difficult for your colorist to control the consistency of color at the root. Your natural body heat accelerates the bleach at the scalp, if there’s more than a full inch or so of regrowth, you could end up with what we call “bands”. Bands are inconsistencies in the hair that you can usually see when you lift the hair up straight from the head. You don’t want them and the best way to avoid them is to get your hair redone every 4 to 5 weeks at the latest, or your touch up now just turned into a full color correction. Won't save any money there.


7.Don’t book other things around it.  

From a colorist’s perspective, you’re asking for a miracle if you want to get what you want the first time and then make a dinner date a few hours later. Just don’t. Make sure you don’t put a time constraint on your hairdresser when you’re doing this for the first time. It can take all day or maybe just a couple hours. Better to plan for more time for both you AND the colorist.


8.It’s going to be more expensive for the first time around. 

Depending on your hair, you could have a lot of color correcting that needs to happen in order to get WHITE BLONDE. Once you’re there, root upkeep is a different story. But the first time you do this, you’re probably going to pay a pretty penny. Just know that. When I take a client this extreme for the first time, I charge them in the same way I would for a color correction, because you just don’t know how long it will take and how many bottles of color you’ll go through. The first time is a MAJOR investment.


How long will the color last? 

Since the colors are semi-permanent stain they fade out with every wash. To keep  the color intense, it's highly recommended to do a touch-up every 2 weeks and it is charged as a seperate service. SUPER HIGH MAITENENCE. It does not cost as much as the first initial appointment, BUT IT MUST BE DONE VERY OFTEN TO KEEP THE COLOR TRUE. Again it will depend on how often you wash your hair, using  sulfate-free shampoos, using dry shampoos, and washing in cold water. This could potentially make it last longer. 


You’re not a big shampoo fan. What’s the alternative? 

Try Redken’s GENIUS WASH.  It is a cleansing conditioner.  This will prevent your hair from losing natural oils but still give you a freshly washed feeling.


How do I prevent it from bleeding and staining?
Wear dark clothes and have dark sheets! There is no way around this and it is going to happen because the color does not actually penetrate the hair.  And wash your hair in as cool/cold water as you can stand.  It will close the cuticle and help with the bleeding.


How much does it cost? 

At Shear Artistry, we charge $75-100.00 AN HOUR for Fantasy Color + the cost of the of Olaplex used.  Remember, you will not be able to go from a level 2 to level 10 in one visit or even 1 month or even 1 year depending on your hair. Due to the EXTREME DIFFERENCES in every individules hair situation, we are unable to give anyone an EXACT price quote. Remember, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Just beacause the hair LOOKS  like it will react and do what we want it to, doesnt mean it always will. 



**Maintenance touch ups are  touch ups are NOT included in the price and are charged as separate service.**




What colors does Shear Artistry use?


We use the highest quality fantasy hair color available- 


Pravana VIVIDS, PASTELS & NEON, Joico, Pulp Riot and Redken City Beats.